Reduced costs

The client significantly cut their stationery costs by emailing quotes and invoices directly from within Junari.

No task missed or forgotten

With JunariCRM+, the client has all processes documented with audit trails, whereas before “information silos” held progress back.

Time saved to focus elsewhere

Client details are securely stored with instant access to contact info and previous work as well as ongoing work – no more hunting for data from multiple locations!

The brief

Essex Industrial Doors Ltd is a family-run firm based near Colchester, Essex that specialise in the design, supply & fit, repair, and maintenance of all types of commercial and industrial shutters and doors.

As Emma Harrison, Director of Essex Industrial Doors put it “We knew that we wanted our CRM supplier to have lots of proof of great customer service and for them to be ‘accessible’ to us so that if we had any kind of issue or question we could speak to a person who knew us and our business. We also wanted the reassurance of dealing with a local company rather than an on-line service.”

“Our business has grown significantly over the years but our sales and operational systems had not. These were holding us back and I could see that they were beginning to threaten the standard of quality of our customer service. For example, we were too heavily reliant upon certain key-personnel holding operational critical knowledge in individual ‘siloed’ systems. These meant if they weren’t in the office potentially work would be held up, which would be totally unacceptable to our clients and us!”

“Now with JunariCRM+ in place we have everything documented in one place so nothing gets missed or forgotten – and since going in we’ve proven that we were occassionally making these errors so the CRM+ system proves its value on a daily basis!” “ Being able to email all of our quotes and invoices because these are all held within CRM+ is also helping our return on investment in Junari, by enabling us to cut our stationery costs significantly. But most importantly all of our client details are securely stored for us so we always have instant access to their contact details and all of the work we have done for them in the past as well as what work might be needed in the future.”

How Junari Delivered

Meeting the client's needs

Every business is different, but the beauty of JunariCRM+ is customisation, we were fully able to tailor the system to fully meet the unique requirements of this client.

Expert training and support

We take pride in the support we offer to clients. As this client says: “I am extremely pleased to report that we haven’t had any problems at all! Junari are great to work with, any concerns, issues or user-confusion are always dealt with promptly.”

Delivering on client priorities

Junari works closely with every client to ensure their needs are met. In this way we made sure the client was satisfied with a new system that increased efficiency, saved money and can scale up for future growth.