Faster processes, time saved

This client illustrates our point perfectly: “What used to literally take days now takes me 10 minutes every week!”

A personalised system to meet your needs

JunariCRM+ is totally tailorable – and flexible enough to meet the needs of any organisation.

A support team that has your back

This client describes Junari as “a steadfast and dedicated team that will have your back and help make your business stronger and fitter.”

The brief

Franklins Fire and Safety Ltd delivers high quality risk assessment and training solutions, chiefly into the UK Care industry (i.e. Care homes, Hospitals etc.) as well as into corporate organisations, schools and local authorities.

Charlie Franklin, Franklins’ Sales & Marketing Executive recaps “ Prior to finding the Junari team we had struggled to deliver our desired business processes with the off the shelf, and even bespoke, systems that we had worked with. None of them could do all of what we wanted in quite the way we wanted without the cost becoming prohibitively high.

Obviously we wanted a system that would support our strengths and make them more powerfully present in our day to day operations. None of the other systems we worked with could do this for us and combine great value for money and robust data and statistical calculations – only JunariCRM+ has done this.” “ And, this wasn’t just a tiny problem for us! Not having the right system in place would result in me and the team spending many, many man-hours – sometimes whole days – trying to produce and collate important management reports for our clients.

The old CRM systems would have me pulling multiple manual reports that I would then have to combine, sanitise the data and then cut and paste and sort the data until I was hot under the collar and steam was coming out of my ears!” “Now all I have to do is go to the management report section that I have saved on JunariCRM+ and press a single button to have my reporting completed and available to me! What used to literally take days now takes me 10 minutes every week! Just this one improvement alone has more than paid for the cost of JunariCRM+, but when I consider how I am now able to spend my time in much more valuable business development activities to drive Franklins Fire & Safety forward I feel a huge sense of relief that we have JunariCRM+ as a foundation of our company’s operations”

How Junari Delivered

Understanding the client's needs

Junari made sure that we knew what was needed and tailored JunariCRM+ so that it did what the client needed, the way the needed it done.

Supporting the client, post implementation

As the client puts it: “Whenever we have had an issue we simply get in touch and are treated with friendly professionalism and the resolution is normally in place before we are expecting it.”

Proactive improvements

“If the team at Junari spot something that looks wrong, they will go ahead and fix it before we have even noticed it! It feels great to know that they are there looking after us like that. They care that we succeed in what we do.”