“Junari provides appropriate information to different groups in ICEX to quite a lot of granularity. Everyone gets to see what’s most useful to them in their role without too many choices. This helps us do our jobs better.

“Instead of spending time compiling the spreadsheets to demonstrate where they’re at with different opportunities and prospects, they can now do more actual prospecting and selling based on proper information at their fingertips.

“Junari enables much better deployment and use of skills amongst my team. They can now make better decisions and take targeted action.”

Sales and Marketing control

“Now that we have all our sales and marketing data in one place rather than distributed across ACT, Mailchimp and localised spreadsheets we can build better lists and take a more consolidated approach to marketing.

“We can run more compact campaigns and achieve quicker, more measurable results.

“We can also expand our e-commerce offering with our own site. We can offer comprehensive information and images about our refurbished equipment as well as driving up demand for any new products that meet our sustainability criteria.

Enhanced sustainability goals

“We are aiming to become increasingly carbon negative in the way we operate.

“We also wish to pass on carbon off-setting to our clients and support their corporate environmental responsibility efforts, as well as facilitate more rebates and charitable giving.

“Junari are helping significantly to realise these goals through more complete data visibility and reporting capability.”

The brief

Established in 2002 ICEX specialises in the refurbishment, repurposing and secure disposal of computers and IT assets.
Driven by a passion for re-use, ICEX’s mission is to encourage businesses to be doing the right thing with their waste and resources. That means keeping as much as possible out of landfill and recirculating equipment for others’ use and benefit.

Licensed by the Environment Agency to dispose of computer and electronic equipment, and operating out of an approved treatment facility, ICEX also carries a high level of information security accreditation. This ensures sensitive client data from sectors such as banking, pensions, insurance companies, NHS hospitals and data centres can be erased and destroyed safely.

Here business owner John Russell describes his vision for improving efficiency, sustainability and profitability within ICEX, and how Junari are helping consolidate and deliver on it.

How Junari Delivered

Detailed Discovery

“We had a number of meetings to map out the project and identify and prioritise our requirements. We quickly got to a point of agreement and outlined 8 different phases of delivery, covering all our processes from CRM through to better e-commerce provision.

Agile Development

“Junari take an agile approach to project development – and have a lot of short developmental meetings with our internal team. It felt like Junari became an extension of our company. We set ourselves up on Teams straight away and they are always available to answer questions.

Specially Catered

“Our business model is different to most in the sense that we have two types of customers – those for whom we provide a collection and data treatment service, and those who buy our repurposed products.

Forward thinking

“Junari understand the importance of populating the data for every single asset at different stages of its life-cycle to ensure traceability and to provide the best management information.”