Less order errors and reduced wastage

By using our system, the client benefits from a tailored process integration from pre-sales through to invoicing, and finance to reduce process bottlenecks, ensure precise audit trails, and minimise errors.

Efficiency and productivity gains

Increased visibility across key-personnel of client-order status and progress and enable efficiency and productivity gains across whole team.

Risk Reduction

The JunariCRM+ system ensures that risk is reduced within the product manufacturing value-chain and consolidates delivery quality standards.

The brief

MongrelCroc Clothing Ltd is a Suffolk based custom clothing company that specialises in supplying membership-clubs (such as rowing clubs, rugby clubs etc.) and the collegiate and university networks in the UK. With business success came the associated need for investment in infrastructure and operational capabilities and a desire to find a customer database and operational workflow system of a robust and scalable quality.

As Ben Benton, Owner and Co-Founder says “… we wanted to ditch the effort incurred when errors happen around rework, wastage of stock and of course the obvious danger of damaging customer satisfaction and the threat to our business growth that that would signal. So it was time to invest in serious software and stop playing around with the off-the-shelf stuff that couldn’t deliver to our needs”.

Since going live with JunariCRM+ the team at MongrelCroc have been through their busiest period of the year – with the return of the colleges and universities after their summer break and their “fresher” intake who all need new club merchandise! Order volumes have grown by approximately 56% and JunariCRM+ has operated with no issues or problems.

How Junari Delivered

Designing a tailored system

Junari ensured that it’s business management system was fully customised for the client’s requirements: ” Their JunariCRM+ system has a specific audit trail of order communication, versioning of order options and clear client-sign-off stages.

Scaling up for bigger business

Since going live with JunariCRM+ the team at MongrelCroc have been through their busiest period of the year, with order volumes growing by approximately 56% – Junari has maintained regular communication with the client to ascertain their growing needs and further tailor the CRM.

Ongoing support as standard

As Ben Benton comments: “We’re really pleased with how the system has bedded in and the support we’ve had from the Junari team. It really is a quality system for an exceptionally reasonable price point given the powerful functionality it has.”