Process bottle-necks reduced

Our full workflow integration, from pre-sales through to invoicing and finance, reduces process bottle-necks, ensures precise audit trails and minimises errors.

Complex and diverse data? No problem!

JunariCRM+ can handle complex and diverse OEM product data structures and pricing lists.

Profitability optimised

Our system provides detailed purchase ordering functionality to support timely and ‘on-demand’ purchasing and optimise profitability and cash-flow.

The brief

Net-Ctrl Limited are a Suffolk based value-added reseller specialising in network security, physical security, storage back-up and wireless solutions.

The team at Net-Ctrl were becoming increasingly frustrated with their incumbent system infrastructure – a framework that had grown organically as the company grew. However, as Net-Ctrl enters a more mature and sophisticated organisational-stage and pushes for consolidated growth it was clear to the senior team that they needed a grown-up system that could be tailored to their needs and scale with them.

Lee Georgio, Managing Director takes up the story: “ Our business was being impaired by the software latency and inflexibility of our incumbent solution. Our requirement was to source a solution that could handle the diverse requirement of a Value-Added-Reseller were our users need the flexibility to free-style a client solution where necessary whilst also having the benefit of structured data and product packages ”.

A key part of Net-Ctrl’s wishes were to allow accessibility from anywhere in order to support their mobile workforce. They also, demanded high security in order to preserve commercial and client data privacy. Finally, preserving Net-Ctrl’s accounting system with integration between the new system and the accounts package was a critical requirement.

How Junari Delivered

Laying the foundations

We took time to work with the client to ensure that JunariCRM+ was an excellent fit for their business: “With JunariCRM+ we will have all the benefits of a bespoke, “just for us” system but without any of the expense of a truly new-build system AND we do away with the complex project implementation and high-risk of a truly bespoke build!”

System Implementation

We made sure our system matched the clients requirements, not the other way around. As the client states: “As far as I can see JunariCRM+ is pretty unique in this approach to the ‘problem’ of businesses having to bend their processes to match the IT. The tuning of the system to our very specific requirements was a key decision factor for us. “

Flexible for the future

As Tony Pullon says: “I know that I can run, grow and change my business the way I want to, and continue to keep ahead and build competitive advantages knowing that JunariCRM+ will simply flex with me.”