Improved visibility of data and information

“It is now much easier to keep track of what’s been done and to see team members’ work in a centralised, paperless format. We now have a growing archive of projects searchable by type, client and a whole host of other characteristics, and it’s a lot easier to give new members of the team reference points to get up to speed with our methods and procedures.”

Greater efficiencies in Project Management

“Our project management processes are so much more efficient – such as being able to link scripts and templates to each individual project; and being able to track task progress for each project. Since we don’t need to carry so much project management admin in our heads, we have greater mental capacity as a team to apply to our research.”

Streamlined, automated complex processes

“Before Junari very little was automated or joined up, and there was a large amount of duplicated effort. For example each staff member was maintaining three separate calendars, which made things very tricky to schedule. Junari are good at helping us sense-check different requirements so we don’t over complicate what is already a highly complex solution.”

The brief

Formed in 2000, Synergy Healthcare Research provides market research services primarily on behalf of pharmaceutical companies, using a variety of quantitative and qualitative research methods; including data interpretation and marketing recommendations.

With a breadth of repeat customers, Synergy has forged a reputation for unique research expertise and insights, flexibility, quality and reliability, and director-level involvement in all their projects.

“Each project is unique, ad-hoc and complex, comprising a wide range of research methods, interview styles, subjects, and therapy areas,” says Director Charlotte Sugden Heron.
“All of our mechanisms to keep track of projects were either paper-based or kept on cumbersome Excel spreadsheets. It was time for us to embrace a more modern and efficient approach.”

How Junari Delivered

Multi-faceted solution

“Junari have provided us with a custom calendar, a platform for scheduling and tracking interviewer availability, a project management tool and the ability to keep a library of research templates and scripts that can be readily attached to a project. They have also created an external portal which allows our third-party interviewee recruiters to view the interviewers’ calendars and easily schedule appointments. Prior to this our recruiters would have to use an unwieldy and confusing spreadsheet.”

Flexible and Customisable

“All credit to Junari’s flexibility and the customisability of the platform to accommodate all our different methods and approaches. We’ve been able to adapt the Project Management functionality to be able to track, monitor and filter activity based on our own unique parameters. This enables us to go into granular detail on each project, and this is where Junari really comes into its own.

Clear Understanding of Requirements

“Junari definitely take the time to understand our requirements, the complexity of our stakeholders, and our research idiosyncrasies. They needed to understand in clear detail our glossary of terms as it is integral to how our system needs to work. It was a steep learning curve but they did really well, and they seemed to absorb in one afternoon what it can take people new to the field weeks or months to get used to.”

User Adoption and licensing

“Junari provided training for everyone, including some key users who can add simple customisations to the system as required. As each team member fully adopts the system as their own, they are beginning to make requests for new functionality. This is a good sign that staff are engaging with it and wanting to embed it into their work.”

“In terms of licensing, Junari host our system and we pay a fee per user to access it. This includes maintenance and support. I hope we can continue to work together to tweak things and add any future requirements going forward.”