Flexibility of a bespoke system

JunariCRM+ is flexible enough work as a bespoke system for any organisation.

Simple and easy to navigate

Information is presented in a clear and easy to understand fashion, this client loves the room bookings model to view everything happening in their building on a given day.

Increased operational efficiency

Having all information in one place saves time and makes the job easier – you don’t need to root around in multiple spreadsheets and databases!

The brief

The Mix is a young-person led charity, located in Stowmarket, Suffolk, whose aim is to make a positive difference in the lives of young people in the area.

Selina Taylor from The Mix recaps “We tried and tested many different CRM systems before we heard about Junari. None of those other CRM systems were quite right for our charity’s needs – not matching functionality requirements, being too inflexible or complex, or just being far too expensive!”

“The system was customised and up and running within a few short weeks and since then we’ve been working with JunariCRM+ for 18 months and it has been smooth sailing for us all the way.

We chose Junari because they were the only people we spoke to who seemed to understand our needs – as a charitable organisation and as a venue that has to be run on a commercial basis ” “It is fair to say that we wouldn’t be functioning as well as we are today without JunariCRM+.

They have given us the flexibility of having a bespoke system but without the exorbitant expense and project risk profile that this would normally involve. This is fundamentally important to us as nothing else on the market was going to be capable of matching the work we do here.”

How Junari Delivered

Matching the needs of this charity

Junari took the time to understand the particular needs of this charity to ensure that we could deliver savings and efficiencies as it is run on a commercial basis.

Updating the system when things change

As Selina Taylor from The Mix says: “!f there is anything that we need to change or add to the system – because like most organisations, our services and workflow changes and improves – it has never been a problem for the Junari team. They have always been able to build and implement our required changes.”

Responding to queries - fast

Junari takes pride in ensuring that everything is running as smoothly as possible. “They stay in touch and carry on caring about how our implementation of JunariCRM+ is working for us. If you’re a charity or a business thinking of getting a CRM, you should get in touch with Junari – what’s stopping you? ”