The best solution to your business

Junari works in a considered and collaborative way with it’s clients to ensure that requirements are understood and delivered.

A partnership for as long as you need

As far as we are concerned, we undertake a partnership approach with clients, we are in it for the long-term and provide the support that is needed.

Affordable expert service

Junari provides a high-quality approach that delivered the user-friendly JunariCRM+ at excellent value for money!

The brief

Klub Group Ltd is a UK based company operating in the youth travel sector, and trades under brands “Klub Group Adventure” and “Xplore”.

Because of considerable market-evolution the company has experienced over the last five years, there was a realisation that to ensure the recent magnitude of growth was sustainable, while maintaining quality of service, it would be necessary to implement a single, central system. A system that would be capable of managing all customer data for the whole company, irrespective of where the company’s operations were based.

Ben Sinclair, Sales and Marketing Director says: “as the business has grown the need for reliable and up to date sales, marketing and financial reports is far more important and necessary for the business to sustain itself and be successful. A CRM that handles the whole lifecycle of sales and marketing activity but also communicates with our Operations department will improve the continuity in delivery of our products and keep our quality of delivery standards intact and high!”

“It was clear that we needed an all-encompassing CRM that provided solutions across all of our products and offices. Having tried and had less-than-successful-outcomes of building bespoke I decided to go in search for a CRM solution specialist.”

How Junari Delivered

Understanding the client's needs

We took time to work with the client to ensure that JunariCRM+ was an excellent fit for their business: “What has impressed me about Junari has been their approach to the whole project. They have been determined to understand what it is we do as a business and what we actually need before working on the solution.”

Honesty through implementation

“I like Junari as they don’t necessarily do what it is we think we need, but take what we need the business to do and provide a suitable system solution accordingly – telling us about this as we move along. This has led to the JunariCRM+ system performing what we need it to do but in a more efficient and logical way. They are a breath of fresh air!”

Flexible for the future

There are already further plans to extend the JunariCRM+ system so that it manages all of the Klub Group products. This will be a careful, thorough process to ensure that Klub Group gains valuable business return by delivering compelling system improvement – an approach that will see the team at Junari continue to work closely with Ben and his team.