Net Ctrl

Case Study Process bottle-necks reduced Our full workflow integration, from pre-sales through to invoicing and finance, reduces process bottle-necks, ensures precise audit trails and minimises errors. Complex and diverse data? No problem! JunariCRM+ can handle complex and diverse OEM product data structures and pricing lists. Profitability optimised Our system provides detailed purchase ordering functionality to […]

Mongel Croc


Case Study Less order errors and reduced wastage By using our system, the client benefits from a tailored process integration from pre-sales through to invoicing, and finance to reduce process bottlenecks, ensure precise audit trails, and minimise errors. Efficiency and productivity gains Increased visibility across key-personnel of client-order status and progress and enable efficiency and […]

MAGPAS Air Ambulance


Case Study Improved task efficiency and accuracy With a system that we can tailor to the needs of the client, our CRM leads to efficiencies and savings. Ease of use Data input is efficient and accurate with our easy to use business software. Cost-effective and reliable Charities need a business management system that is affordable […]

Headway Hertfordshire


Case Study Reduction in process complexity One system – not many – providing clear easy-to-follow and integrated processes. Staff time freed up Charity staff have gained more time to focus on core service delivery thanks to the ease of use and streamlined processes JunariCRM+ provides. Management information improved The JunariCRM+ system provides accurate and timely […]

Gipping Occupational Health

Gipping Occupation Health

Case Study A safe and reassuring solution The Junari team were recognised by this client for the quality of customer service and attention to detail that they provide. Streamlined processes and systems JunariCRM+ brings several disparate system-areas of the business under one single system. Low risk and no disruption As the MD of this client […]

Franklins Fire and Safety

Franklins Fire Safety

Case Study Faster processes, time saved This client illustrates our point perfectly: “What used to literally take days now takes me 10 minutes every week!” A personalised system to meet your needs JunariCRM+ is totally tailorable – and flexible enough to meet the needs of any organisation. A support team that has your back This […]

Essex Industrial Doors

Essex Industrial Doors

Case Study Reduced costs The client significantly cut their stationery costs by emailing quotes and invoices directly from within Junari. No task missed or forgotten With JunariCRM+, the client has all processes documented with audit trails, whereas before “information silos” held progress back. Time saved to focus elsewhere Client details are securely stored with instant […]

Countrywide South East

Countrywide South East

Case Study A more efficient team Process errors have been vastly reduced as Junari implemented an automated system. There’s no piece of work that gets left or misplaced because it’s all on the system at the touch of a button! Vast reduction in workplace stress The client reported that their team now has a fraction […]



Case Study The best solution to your business Junari works in a considered and collaborative way with it’s clients to ensure that requirements are understood and delivered. A partnership for as long as you need As far as we are concerned, we undertake a partnership approach with clients, we are in it for the long-term […]

The Mix

The Mix

Case Study Flexibility of a bespoke system JunariCRM+ is flexible enough work as a bespoke system for any organisation. Simple and easy to navigate Information is presented in a clear and easy to understand fashion, this client loves the room bookings model to view everything happening in their building on a given day. Increased operational […]