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Junari CRM Software Developers

Case Study Tighter stock levels with real-time updates “Our previous system relied on overnight updates to keep the front end and back end in tandem, which obviously meant that the stock level information got out of date during the day. “Junari’s solution provides us with a fully integrated, dynamic e-commerce system that spans the whole […]


Junari CRM Software Developers

Case Study Accountability “Junari provides appropriate information to different groups in ICEX to quite a lot of granularity. Everyone gets to see what’s most useful to them in their role without too many choices. This helps us do our jobs better. “Instead of spending time compiling the spreadsheets to demonstrate where they’re at with different […]


Net Ctrl

Case Study Process bottle-necks reduced Our full workflow integration, from pre-sales through to invoicing and finance, reduces process bottle-necks, ensures precise audit trails and minimises errors. Complex and diverse data? No problem! JunariCRM+ can handle complex and diverse OEM product data structures and pricing lists. Profitability optimised Our system provides detailed purchase ordering functionality to […]

Franklins Fire and Safety

Franklins Fire Safety

Case Study Faster processes, time saved This client illustrates our point perfectly: “What used to literally take days now takes me 10 minutes every week!” A personalised system to meet your needs JunariCRM+ is totally tailorable – and flexible enough to meet the needs of any organisation. A support team that has your back This […]

Essex Industrial Doors

Essex Industrial Doors

Case Study Reduced costs The client significantly cut their stationery costs by emailing quotes and invoices directly from within Junari. No task missed or forgotten With JunariCRM+, the client has all processes documented with audit trails, whereas before “information silos” held progress back. Time saved to focus elsewhere Client details are securely stored with instant […]