Designed to support every aspect of your business…


Core Junari Business System (built on odoo)

The Foundation for all Junari Systems, which includes:

  • Odoo Enterprise or Community Edition
  • Hosting
  • Upgrades to Odoo core modules (within the same version)
  • Upgrades to Junari-specific modules
  • Technical and User support for your system
  • Access to our online Project Portal, enabling you to view all tasks for your project and their corresponding statuses
  • Access to our online Helpdesk Portal
  • The ability to easily Manage and find details for Contacts and Organisations
  • “Discuss” features, for direct messaging and private or public groups
  • User Management for you to maintain your users access to the Junari system
  • Refinements to terminology and processes across all modules for ease of use
  • Automatic linking between all available modules where relevant
Included in all Junari Systems

  • Setup, customise, view, save and share graphs, charts and matrices (for Business Intelligence) and even pin them straight to your dashboard
  • Download in PDF, CSV or Excel format
Mobile App
Official Odoo Mobile App compatible with Odoo Enterprise systems only

  • Access all modules on the go – including customisations!
Product Management
Included in all Junari Systems

  • Advanced setup of variations for colours, sizes, dimensions and your own custom attributes
  • Product images
  • Supplier Pricing
  • Automatically links to Sales, Purchases, Inventory, Manufacturing, eCommerce, PoS, Event Management (where installed)

Marketing, Email Marketing, Campaign Management

  • Setup Campaigns to link and track marketing activities
  • Email Marketing and Email Campaigns: Send mass emails to your mailing lists
  • Advanced filtering and targeting options for segmenting contacts using almost any data held, e.g. those who have registered an account and visited a certain category of product but not purchased anything in 6 months
  • Associate Leads, Quotes and Sales with Campaigns for analysis
  • Create Mailing Lists from your CRM contacts, or external lists
  • Delayed Sending
  • Track emails (i.e. Sent, Bounced, Opened) individually or in bulk via click-throughs against campaigns
  • Automatically handle bounces and unsubscribes
  • Campaign and mailing statistics
  • Outbound email testing via a platform that “catches” emails for you to view as the recipient would

Sales: Opportunities, Orders, Invoicing

Manage your Customers, Suppliers and other contacts, Sales Opportunities, Quotes, Proposals, Orders, Invoices, Sales Forecasts, Multiple Price Lists, Discounts, Promos and more…

  • Rich HTML text in Quotes and Orders to produce more attractive and professional documents
  • Ability to set rich HTML Product Descriptions against Products, which is then used in Quotes and Orders
  • Support for multiple Quote Versions
  • Ability to keep and easily find copies Accepted / Declined Quotes
  • See which Quote an Order was generated from
  • Duplicate one or more selected Quote/Order lines
  • Easy access to Products and Product Categories
  • Multiple Price Lists
  • Ability to see all associated Quote Lines and Order Lines from each Product record
  • Ability to configure the Quote Text Templates from the Sales module
  • Ability to set Rich Text for Quotes overall descriptions so you can generate attractive and tailored proposal documents straight from the system
  • Automatically when adding a product with a “rich” description, adds the description to the Quote’s overall description for output to a Quote or Proposal
  • Tracks IP address when Quotes are signed
  • Generate Invoices from Orders, and push them directly into your Accounts System (Requires relevant Integration module)

Purchasing: RFQs, Purchase Orders, Supplier Invoices

Create RFQs and Purchase Orders directly or from Sales Orders


  • Full purchasing flow from RFQ through to Purchase Order and Supplier Invoices
  • Stock purchases integrate into the Inventory system
  • Barcode Scanner Integration
  • Supplier Invoice Management
  • Automatic RFQs / POs based on minimum stock levels
  • Send supplier quote requests via Email and track responses
  • Manage products, suppliers, and supplier product codes
  • Manage different units of measure when purchasing

Junari-Xero or Junari-Sage Integration

Requires Xero or Sage, and Junari Sales and/or Junari Purchasing
  • Link Customers and Contacts in Junari to existing records in Xero or Sage 50
  • Create new Xero or Sage 50 Customer records directly from Junari
  • Raise Xero or Sage 50 Invoices from Junari
  • View Xero or Sage 50 Invoice payments in Junari
  • View your Customer and Supplier Xero or Sage 50 Account Status in Junari, including whether On Hold
  • Link Suppliers and Contacts in Junari to existing records in Xero or Sage 50
  • Create new Xero or Sage 50 Supplier records directly from Junari
  • Raise Xero or Sage 50 Purchase Orders from Junari
  • View Xero or Sage 50 payments against Purchase Orders in Junari


  • Built-in, easy-to-learn Content Management System to create your own website
  • Host a full website (including Shop) at your own domain, or just point specific pages to a Junari page (e.g.
  • Create and maintain beautiful, mobile-friendly static pages and dynamic website pages (i.e. linked to the live data you have customised in your Junari system)
  • Create and edit website content with an easy-to-use visual interface
  • Customisation of website themes
  • Built-in SEO tools
  • Visitor tracking and marketing integration
  • Blogs, Forums
  • Online Shops, Event Management, Online Job Applications, and more (where the relevant module is available)
  • Live Chat


Promote your products online and take online payments!
Requires Website
  • Customisable Product Pages, with images, product variants, etc.
  • Product Search by Category and/or Variants (including custom attributes)
  • Optional product stock availability display
  • Cross-selling (suggested alternative or related products)
  • Full customer account + shopping cart functions (guest or registered user)
  • Advanced tools to manage Promotions, Coupon Codes, and Discounts
  • Customer Order History views
  • Abandoned cart reporting and automatic follow-up emails to registered users
  • Wishlists and Product Comparison features for users regardless of whether logged in
  • Payment and shipping integrations
  • eSigning
  • Online Payments
  • Sales analysis / reporting

Inventory / Stock

Comprehensive management of your stock across an unlimited number of locations

  • Inventory Dashboard showing overview of Expected and Actual stock movements
  • Double-entry inventory system allows full traceability, and incoming and outgoing shipment configuration
  • Full traceability from supplier to customer
  • Barcode scanner integration
  • Batch pickings and picking policies
  • Packaging options
  • Email confirmations
  • Landed Costs
  • Reserve against Demand
  • Scrapping
  • Weight / Shipping Weight
  • Carrier Details and Tracking References
  • Courier integration with FedEx, UPS, DHL, ParcelForce, DPD (and many more) based on customer location
  • Manage stock locations and movements of stock across one or more warehouses
  • Delivery orders automatically generated from Sales Orders
  • Multiple Warehouse and Warehouse Locations
  • Stock levels automatically checked for availability
  • Minimum stock level rules and automatic purchase orders
  • Manual Inventory adjustments and stock takes
  • Incoming stock controlled via reception orders
  • Control of picking and packing
  • Management of internal stock transfers
  • Drop-shipping
  • Customisable multi-step stock flows for incoming and outgoing stock
  • Stock history and forecast reports
  • Traceability of all stock operations per product
  • Serial number tracking
  • Stock Collections Management
  • Stock valuation reporting
  • Product Categories and Units of Measure
  • Sold as an independent app (and unsupported by Junari) is the  Available for Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise for stock management on the go, including receipt, picking, packaging, printing shipping labels, inventory management, warehouse ops, internal transfers – and more.


Manufacturing Orders, Work Orders, Components and BoMs, By-Products (Residual), Subcontracting, Charged and free repairs with quotes, parts management
Requires Inventory
  • Manage the kits or finished products that you make
  • Flexible, multi-level Bill of Materials entry with quantities and costs
  • Use Work Orders to track the assembly of individual components
  • Supports single or multi-step manufacturing processes
  • “Kits” of products sold as one item on sales orders, but individual items on delivery orders
  • Store reference documentation against BoMs
  • Barcode scanner integration
  • Manufacturing reporting and analysis

Customer Support and Service, Repairs, Returns

  • Customer Service Issues / Tickets / Customer Support Portal (COMING SOON!)
  • Repairs Management
  • Returns Management 

VoIP Integration

Note: availability of VoIP integration depends on the phone system in use

  • Contact Screen Pop on incoming call
  • Contact de-duplication (if more than one contact matched)
  • Launch custom action on incoming call
  • Click-to-dial from within the CRM

Loqate Address Lookup

Requires a subscription to Loqate

  • Enter part or all of any UK postcode and let your Junari system fetch and fill the rest of the address

Outlook Plugin

Requires Outlook
  • Junari’s proprietary Outlook Plugin enables you to select one or more emails in your Outlook Desktop or Web program and file them against the relevant Contact or Organisation, and any linked records such as Sales Opportunities, Jobs, Projects, Quotes etc.

Knowledgebase System (Formerly: Wikis)

  • Store your processes, procedures, policies – including rich text formatting, diagrams and images, links to other articles or external websites
  • Create your own categories to represent different areas of your business, such as: Operations, Finance, HR, Business Development
  • Create your own labels to represent different article types, such as: Policy, Process, Meeting Agenda
  • Perfect for compliances such as ISO9001: Set the status of each article to Review, Active, Archived.  Set the Owner, Review Date, Frequency

Job Management

Requires Junari Sales and Junari Purchases

  • Track Jobs relating to Quotes, Sales, Purchases or Invoices
  • Jobs have Customer, target start/finish dates, assigned user, etc.
  • Customisable Job Types and Statuses
  • Print labels for items of stock associated with the job

Maintenance Contracts

Requires Junari Sales

  • Sell maintenance contracts through your system
  • Automatically create contracts from confirmed sales orders
  • Start date and duration used to calculate expiry date
  • Serial numbers of sold products automatically captured from sales order
  • Simple reporting of Expiring and/or Expired Maintenance Contracts

Human Resources

  • Employee Management: Personal details, skills and skill levels, organisation chart and more
  • Attendance: Monitor time off (holidays, sickness etc) and approve as required
  • Timesheets: Maintain timesheets against projects or specific project tasks
  • Recruitment: Publish details of vacancies to your Junari System website, accept application, and move candidates through a custom process which you can define per job

Word Mail Merge

  • Retain the Microsoft Word’s rich functionality by using Word documents and templates to link them to the relevant part of your Junari system, to generate merged documents, great for Employee Contracts and other HR documents, Customer Proposals, Quotations and much more
  • Migrate to Junari systems without having to recreate forms and templates – faster, and with far less hassle

Advanced Dashboards

Make better decisions by getting a view across the business – or just the department(s) you are responsible for – customise each user’s views to show just what is most relevant
  • View your data in various highly-customisable ways, including: bar charts, line charts, pie charts, KPIs, and more
  • Configure dashboards to be available to one or more individuals or groups
  • Decide which menu and sub menu you’d like dashboards to appear under
  • And for the more technically inclined, create advanced views by directly entering SQL


  • Manage your Members’ details
  • Multiple membership types

Project Management

  • Manage your standard or Agile projects
  • Agile projects support Epics, Sprints, Backlogs and more
  • Benefit from Gantt Charts (coming soon!), Resource Allocation, Calendar links, and more


Requires Website
  • Create your own eLearning courses from scratch, including PDFs, documents, embedded videos
  • Quickly setup quizzes, certifications and more
  • Choose elements of your eLearning module to be “Teasers” (free upon sign-up), and the remainder behind a paywall

Event Management

  • Create and manage an unlimited number of events
  • Publish events to the Junari website hosted at your domain
  • Online ticket purchases with customisable questions per attendee or booking group
  • Set an event image, minimum and maximum attendees, description
  • Setup emails to be sent to attendees relative to the time they signed-up or the time of the event, ideal for communications such as “Thanks for signing up”, “Reminder, the event starts at 10:00 today!”, “Thanks for attending” etc.

Point Of Sale

Manage your Shops, Bars, Restaurants at a fraction of the cost of other systems – and integrated with all your other data
Requires Inventory
  • Manage your Shops, Bars, Restaurants
  • Take orders and run multiple tills
  • No specific hardware required: use any combination of desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, phones
  • Restrict till logins to require password entry or barcoded badges for login
  • Work offline and synchronise automatically once a connection has been restored
  • Design your own, multi-floor and multi-area table plans with advanced Table Layout Planner
  • Cash-in your till at the end of a session
  • Integrates beautifully with Products and Inventory

Fleet Management

  • Manage your company vehicle details including registration plate, model, specifications, etc
  • Manage Lease agreements including dates, fees and covered services
  • Track vehicle mileage and fuel consumption
  • Record vehicle maintenance details
  • Create your own custom statuses to track vehicles requested, on order, out of action and more
  • Link collections and deliveries to relevant vehicles within your Fleet


  • Create complex surveys easily, with dropdown options, tick boxes, matrices for presenting options on a scale, such as: Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Agree, Strongly Agree
  • Share Surveys with one or more contacts
  • Analyse results within your Junari System

Portal for Customers, Suppliers, Members

Requires Website
  • Allow Customers, Suppliers, Members to sign up themselves (e.g. for eCommerce) or allow only by invite
  • Customers who have logged into your portal can view and comment on Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Projects, Jobs – and more
  • Suppliers who have logged into your portal can view and comment on RFQs, Quotes they’ve submitted, Projects, Jobs – and more

Odoo Enterprise Only

Requires an Odoo subscription, available via Junari
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Marketing
  • Rental management
  • Subscriptions Management
  • Rota Management
  • eSigning integrated across the system
  • Document Management
  • Quality Control
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Maintenance
  • Data Cleaning
  • And much, much more


Maintain GDPR-compliance over your contact data, including the following: 

  • Enable/Disable or Edit GDPR Message to be displayed on your Website Portal Footer
  • Right to Access: Give access to customers to manage their personal data
  • Right to be Forgotten: Customer can request for Removing all/partial data
  • Data Portability: Customer can request for Download a copy of their data
  • Manage all Customer requests from your Junari system
  • Automatically wipe (remove) all customer data from your database at once

Comparing Odoo Editions

  • See here for the full list of modules available in Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community