JunariCRM+ - feature packed software with maximum benefits:

The features and benefits of JunariCRM+? They're whatever you need them to be!

JunariCRM+ provides more functionality and options than your average CRM software, and it can expand to meet your requirements.  It is entirely customisable and tailor-able to your particular business needs. With JunariCRM+ it is more a question of what can’t it do, than a question of what it can do.

MailChimp Email Marketing Integration

Give yourself the ability to target the right contacts with the right content and have the proof that it worked

JunariCRM+ has always been capable of managing your email marketing campaigns and tracking the results. Now it comes with even greater marketing leverage with the ability to integrate with your MailChimp account.  Create targeted contact lists within CRM+ and pass this to MailChimp for streamlined email campaign management.  Then, once the responses start flowing in, pull data back from MailChimp as to who has opened, clicked etc. and have this data systematically assigned to the specific and individual CRM+ record for full and clear knowledge of which campaigns worked with which of your contacts

Social: Keep track of how social your clients are

Improve client-engagement quality

Keep links to all of your important clients or suppliers so you can keep tabs on their Tweets or Facebook postings, or on their LinkedIn profile, get to know them better and engage with them accordingly.

Address Book: Your very own “Who’s Who”

Save Time and Build Knowledge of complex business relationships

Capture and manage all of the companies, employees and individuals that are relevant for you. Understand parent and subsidiary company structures. Capture and share ALL of the contact details and all relevant history to manage your suppliers, customers and partners.


Activities and Communications: Full traceability and audit trail

Reduce Risk through Better Knowledge

Don’t get caught out! Know who has communicated with leads, customers and contacts, see if invoices are outstanding, or whether important issues have been raised with our customer dashboard. This functionality can create and manage meetings, create tasks for your staff and colleagues, send templated emails and file incoming email using the Outlook Plugin for PC.


Lead Generation: Powerful business development tools

Increase Productivity and Marketing Effectiveness

Send bulk emails, create outbound call lists and set up targets for sales teams to hone your process and your message. Bulk emails will keep your prospects informed with campaigns and special offers, and newsletters will make sure your customers so they choose you every time! Import data for handling large volumes of outbound call lists and track the contact you have made with everyone.


Business Potential: Target setting and progress reports

Build in Efficiency and Productivity

Set sales targets for yourself or your sales team based on quotas, lead statuses and periods. See in a simple graph the progress of sales opportunities through the sales pipeline and watch the graph grow with those won! Set forecast values and dates against opportunities, and track all activities against them to drive those sales! Manage sources of referrals and opportunity-loss reasons too.


Service Management: Quotes, orders and invoices

Cut Costs and win business by timely management of client work

Manage your products and services from start to finish seamlessly. JunariCRM+ allows you to raise one or more quotes against an opportunity to email or post to customers, turn a successful quote into a sales order with price and commitments detailed without retyping, then quickly raise an invoice against your quotes, perform credit control tasks and mark them as paid when the time is right.

Customer Service: Service Contracts and Support Cases

Improve Quality, Improve Responsiveness

Track service excellence and profitability with service contracts. Add time budgets, raise support cases with priorities, and allocate them to your service team. They can add time logs to track time and update workflow status. Easy!


Reporting: Key Management Information and Analysis

Build Knowledge, Reduce Risk, Exploit Opportunities

Find out how your business is doing against key performance indicators such as sales targets or conversion rates by creating simple or complex filters of your data. All information can be conveniently displayed on your own personal customised dashboard – and your other users can have their own pertinent personalised dashboards too.

Service Delivery: Project and Time Management

Boost Efficiency through Effective Planning

Manage your service delivery by creating a project with phases, tasks and milestones, view progress of logged time and percentage completion on a gannt chart. Assign tasks to your delivery team to ensure you meet your commitments, and book time against tasks so you can assess profitability.


Human Resources: Administration of all employee data

Reduce Data Risk , Deliver Regulation Compliancy and Improve Efficiency

Instead of trying to use your payroll software or falling back onto spread sheets that are difficult to hide or share, use our HR module. Keep important information on your staff in one place: NI numbers, addresses, sick days, courses attended, skills achieved… anything you need to manage your team effectively and comply with regulations. This module includes a holiday request and approval system.


Document Management: Template and Version Control

Improve Quality and Efficiency through document standardisation and centralisation

Use this module to manage your documents correctly and pass audits! Documents can be created as a draft, worked on and then progressed to current and only then made visible to the people using the procedures. It is then possible to create a new version at draft, work on that and then once approved by an assigned member of the team, it automatically archives the last version when the new one becomes current.


Management Accounts Integration

Ensure accuracy of data exchange, be more efficient and improve cash-flow and credit-control

Simplify your workflow and data entry by creating customer records, purchase orders, credit notes and invoices within CRM+ and having them automatically posted into your management accounting package:

Sage 50 ‘Customers’ – Create Sage records from CRM+ customer record

Sage 50 ‘Customers and invoices’ – Create Sage records from CRM+ customer record plus posting of accounting records from CRM into Sage for Accounting, VAT and Management Reporting purposes.

Sage 50 ‘Projects’ and ‘Departments’ – a really handy feature which will immediately cut down on your administration by ensuring that it is possible the data in your CRM+ matches the projects and/or departments structure your finance team have created in your Sage 50 instance, meaning that your financial planning and reporting will remain accurate and joined-up.

Xero Online Accounting – create Xero records from CRM+ customer record plus posting of accounting records from CRM+ into Xero for Accounting, VAT and Management Reporting purposes Multiple Account Systems? Not a problem . JunariCRM+ now has functionality to integrate and pass information to multiple Sage or Xero instances from one CRM+ instance. Extremely useful if you have “trading-as” brand names or subsidiary organisations but want the benefits of a shared system and aggregated reporting rather than have a separate CRM system with separate logins and delineated data for each of these. We believe this functionality is pretty unique amongst CRM systems..

Stock Management: Location and Volume Management

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Cost

Create multiple stock locations and manage levels of stock in those locations. Stock level reports ease the process of stock taking.


Map View

See clearly exactly where your customers are on the map and have your team plan visits more efficiently.

The ‘Map View’ module plots and shows where company contacts, clients and opportunities are, as well as your new sales opportunities and those customer service cases that require location specific visits too.

“We were keen to find a new supplier who would help us implement the most appropriate design to complement our fundraising procedures. Being able to develop our CRM system, as our organisation continues to grow is also a huge asset. For example lifestyle marketing is key, using the excellent reporting capabilities that CRM+ has, as well as the integration it has with MailChimp.”

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