In anticipation of the exciting new things Junari are currently working on, what better time is there to get to know the team? For the fourth in our series of monthly interviews, I spoke with Alex Morgaine, programme manager and operations at Junari.

What do you feel makes a strong team in business?

One of the biggest contributors would be a common sense of purpose, the ability to empathise with each other is also key. 

It’s very useful to have a diverse set of skills- I’m a strong believer that no one is good at everything but everyone is good at something, so it’s very important to have synergy between different types of people’s strengths and weaknesses, to help balance out a successful team.

Like Dom, you have also done MMA in the past. What are some of the positives you get out of doing MMA? 

I don’t do it as much as I used to, but in the short term it’s about having a good opportunity to exercise and gain a good sense of community. Long term it’s about gaining confidence in yourself and knowing you can defend yourself and other people.

When confronted with a challenge, what steps do you take to overcome it?

Firstly, you need to get in the right kind of mindset. When threatened with a challenge or an issue, remember there is nothing you can do about the past but you can always have control over your actions going forward, so just having the right mindset helps you establish control and sets you up for success. It’s then a case of taking a step back, assessing the situation, planning a course of action, then resolving the situation step by step.

What helps you stay driven and focused?

Always having end goals in mind and remembering anything can be accomplished with the right attitude. It’s also good for me to remind myself the reason behind what I’m doing; and wanting to see others improve helps me too.

As someone who sometimes works on music creation; what aspects of making music do you enjoy most?

Music is a great creative outlet. It allows you to capture a certain feeling or moment in time through making instrumentals; and capturing vocals allows you to showcase a particular philosophy or emotion.

What are some important lessons you have learnt from working at Junari so far?

My time here has already yielded so many lessons learnt: one of the areas I feel I’ve improved in the most is approaching different challenges from all sorts of angles and perspectives. I’ve learnt a lot about how you look at a situation not only as a project manager but also emphasising with each end user’s entire journey- but also critically examining the overall context. So for example, synthesising with a user when gathering requirements,  but also being able to zoom out and understand the overall business goals.

Thanks for chatting Alex. Next interview: Daniel Butler!

Interview by Alana Samuel, digital marketer at Junari

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