In anticipation of the exciting new things Junari are currently working on, what better time is there to get to know the team? For the third in our series of monthly interviews, I spoke with Rachel Butler, finance manager at Junari.

I know you have an interest in furniture and home renovation, how much time do you usually spend on these projects?

I have a passion for interior design and love being creative. I wish I had more time for projects but life/chores seem to get in the way. My next project is to complete a small double bed, which I started but haven’t got around to completing yet. I alway seem to have a project in mind, so it’s something I do quite often.  

Would you say having a well decorated environment has an impact on wellbeing?

I think having a nice environment definitely helps; Its well known colour can play a major role in your mood. Everyone has different tastes so being in surroundings that compliment you and inspire your creativity has to be a plus. 

As someone who travels often, which countries have you found the most inspiring and why?

I love travelling, seeing different cultures and scenery, so I guess visiting China, Costa Rica & Cuba have been pretty enlightening. I also like a beach holiday to relax with a good book- to totally escape and unwind.

What do you find rewarding about working in finance?

I like the fast pace at which things change and companies grow. Although finances work in cycles, no day is the same and there is always something new to surprise you. Whether  its budgets, new contracts or employees and regulations. I get pleasure from seeing how close I am with forecasting cash/budgets and also working closely with other departments.

In what ways has working from home affected your work-life balance? 

I started working from home when I joined Junari prior to Covid, it did take a bit of getting used to but if you’re organised and focused I think it can work well. I seem to work harder from home or at least get more done. Maybe that’s because there are no distractions but I do miss the office chats and catching up with colleagues. Another downside is not being in the loop when changes happen. Working remotely can get a bit lonely but I sometimes turn on the radio if it’s too quiet. 

I suppose there are for’s and against’s for working from home. I miss getting out, but if I didn’t like my surroundings it could be a lot worse. I work from the kitchen where I have a view of the garden, which is nice. I do worry about the time I spend sitting at the computer, for health, fitness and my eyesight.

What are the most prominent ways in which working at Junari differs from working at Mind?

Well we all work remotely at Junari apart from a fortnightly collaborating day.  Charity work is also slightly different but as Dom was the chairman at Mind some things are quite similar. I am also now working in HR which I enjoy, something I wasn’t so involved with when I was at Mind. 

One thing similar at both Mind & Junari is that my Colleagues are all lovely and a great team!

How did you come to join Junari?

I had taken a year out to renovate our house. Coming to the end of the year, I happened to bump into Dom in town, it was one of those chance meetings. Dom needed someone for accounts/HR & I was thinking about getting back to work. Like I always say everything happens for a reason, it was good timing for both of us. Nearly 3 years on I am still here enjoying Junari’s growth.

Thanks for chatting Rach. Next interview: Alex Morgaine!

Interview by Alana Samuel, digital marketer at Junari

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