“Time was taken to properly understand our business”

Gipping Occupational Health & Wellbeing (Gipping OH) is a provider of wellbeing services, based in East Anglia. The Gipping team work with employers to provide comprehensive and quality occupational health services focussing on Health Surveillance and Heath Promotion which includes fitness to work assessments, absentee management, hearing tests and stress management. The team at Gipping believe that caring for employees means caring about your business and being supportive and monitoring the people who work for you will always provide business benefits.

Gipping OH got in touch with us because they had significantly outgrown their previous CRM system, both in terms of volume of business and complexity of processes and the sophistication of system functionality required in order to provide effective management information and efficient workflow supervision. The time had come to invest in a CRM that could bring several disparate system-areas of the business under one system and have the muscle to grow with the Gipping OH business for a great value price.

Reliability & Capability Coded In

As Mark Braithwaite, Managing Director at Gipping Occupational Health & Wellbeing put it “It was definitely a factor in our choice to go with JunariCRM+ that the team there are highly reliable and capable. They have a brilliant ‘can-do’ attitude which is a real positive when one is making a big investment in a core operational system.”

“We knew that the out of the box solution provided by Junari would be enough to get us started because it is fantastically comprehensive. So, we have been able to de-risk the project, starting relatively small, with virtually no disruption to our business.”

“But that is also in the context of knowing that JunariCRM+ will give us plenty of scope to expand functionality because CRM+ is so configurable with a ‘plug-and-play’ modular architecture combined with the excellent ability of the Junari team to tailor and configure the system to our particular and specific requirements as our business expands and changes over time.”

A CRM tailored to fit your organisation

“They may not be the biggest name in the CRM marketplace, but I feel sure that it is one of the safest and most reassuring ones – in terms of growing with our business, and the quality of customer service and attention to detail that the Junari team provide.” Could your organisation do with some strong CRM systems foundations? Fancy dealing with a CRM company that really listens and builds a CRM to match your business? Get in touch with us – as Mark says, it might be your best move yet!…. If you’ve got to the point in your organisation when you’re fed up with data-dilemmas and tortuous-truth-trails and like the idea of knowing exactly what’s going on in your organisation for once and all, then may we suggest you drop us an email and have a quick chat with us.
If you want to read a few more case studies first though then head back to them here and reassure yourself some more.
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