“The JunariCRM+ system is just brilliant! Any charity would love to get their hands on this!”

Headway Hertfordshire is a charity that provides for the care of individuals with brain injuries and their carers. The charity is part of the Headway UK network who provide support to local Groups and Branches and who aim to deliver guidance on policies, procedures, standard and training.

Struggling to keep up…

The charity’s related activities are funded by a number of funding organisations, including the Big Lottery Fund. In return for their backing, these organisations require considerable rigour and diligence within the operations of the charity and, importantly, the data the charity collects regarding the people it has helped and the proof-points of their contribution to the target-market – individuals who have suffered or who are suffering from a brain injury.

Off-The-Shelf Just Won’t Cut It…

Headway Hertfordshire needed a system that was capable of storing the highly-custom and specific information that they collect on a daily basis regarding both their Clients and their staff (who provide the support services).

The charity was surviving by using an old Access database to record client information and collaborate internally. Whilst this worked well at the time it was put in, the old system was causing significant problems. Although the Access system was holding data sufficiently well, it was not possible to report on any aspect of it and therefore the data was not useful at a macro level. It was clear that a longer-term and better-quality solution would be needed if the charity was to deliver the necessary key-performance-information to its funders.

Junari provided reassurance from the first moment we met them. They listened closely to all our requirements and tailored the system to meet them which has allowed us to personalise our system right down to the little details which make a big difference”.

“Whenever we have had an issue we simply get in touch and are treated with friendly professionalism and the resolution is normally in place before we are expecting it. They’re proactive as well – if they spot something that looks wrong they will go ahead and fix it before we have even noticed it! It feels great to know that they are there looking after us like that. They care that we succeed in what we do”

Karyn Jones, Chief Executive comments “ The aim was to free up staff to concentrate upon our core services and not be heavily-occupied by a prohibitive administration overhead of providing information critical to our ongoing funding .”

The twin demands of process-complexity and required data-thoroughness and the scale of each of these was proving to be quite a challenge to most of the CRM systems that Headway Hertfordshire had investigated.

Having completed extensive investigations into what the cheaper cloud-based SaaS CRM providers could do, these were rejected because of their inability to provide the tailor-ability and customisation that was necessary. Equally, a good trundle around the bespoke CRM software developers quickly disheartened Karyn with the prohibitive prices that these ‘ground-up’ solutions came with. Feeling somewhat forlorn at the prospect of ever finding the optimum combination; a highly customisable CRM system that was affordable for the charity, Karyn contacted Steve Austin at Junari in a final attempt to see if what she wanted to create would be possible.

Fast acting relief from [data] headaches

Steve was delighted! This is the kind of business challenge that the team at Junari thrive on! It is why we developed the JunariCRM+ product! We felt strongly that there should be a robust solution for the space in the market that sensibly demands the best of both worlds – a platform based product (that provides core off-the-shelf functionality) and which also has the high tailor-ability and customisation needed to make the CRM system usable and compelling within every business it is put into. Oh, and one that didn’t cost the earth to provide!

Benefits Delivered

Karyn comments “the experience of working with Junari has been fantastic! That, combined with the quality and power of the JunariCRM+ product has delivered exactly what we need. I firmly believe that each local Headway Branch and indeed any charity should seriously consider implementing JunariCRM+ because achieving the charities objectives becomes so much easier when you have this system helping! ”

“The service we have received has been exceptional. Now we can provide funders with all the information they need including outcomes data – which is crucial for providing proof-points to our funding organisations.”

“Our staff were concerned about having to use a new system but the training provided was excellent and the system is easy to pick-up.”

“ Junari really took the time to understand our needs. They said they would deliver, on time and on budget and that we would be pleased with the result. Well that is an understatement. We are more than pleased, we are delighted.”

  • Considerable reduction in process complexity
  • Has freed-up staff time so they are able to concentrate on core service-delivery
  • Provided accurate and timely visibility of critical management information

Undeniable Value-Add

The team at Headway Herts continue to enjoy the powerful efficiencies and “one-version-of-the-truth” information-visibility as a direct result of JunariCRM+. The system continues to provide concrete and sustainable benefits. Both the Junari and Headway Herts teams continue to work closely to further refine and tailor the system to drive out more process efficiencies and productivity gains

Client Website: www.headway-herts.co.uk

When did you last get powerful business success from your CRM Solution?

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