It’s been a productive week at Junari HQ this week!

We’ve been working on a number of integration enhancements for our customers, including:

  • Credit Notes support for our Sage 50 and Xero accounting links
  • Integration with DocMail for sending “Snail Mail” directly from within Odoo
  • Improvements to our Loqate integration for address lookup
  • A new email module… 🙂

New Email Module for Odoo

Odoo has a “Chatter” system, which is able to handle incoming and outgoing email, however it has some “quirks”:

  • There is no normal-user-accessible place to see or search recent emails. Odoo relies on notifications, which can easily be missed or forgotten
  • Odoo forces the user to handle all new emails by creating new records
  • If an incoming email is relates to an existing record, there is no easy way to link that email to the correct record
  • Odoo allows emails to be “starred” and then replied to, but this happens per-user, theres no centralised way to see a list of e-mails that have not been dealt with

To address these issues, we’ve been working on a dedicated Email module for odoo. This sits on-top of the standard Odoo messaging system, but adds great features like:

  • Incoming message queues with full searching and filtering
  • The ability to mark emails as “acknowledged” (dealt with), and tracking of who dealt with it
  • The ability to easily move messages between records, or interactively create new records

Some screenshots…

Junari CRM Software Developers
Junari CRM Software Developers

This feature is in early beta at the moment, but should be ready for primetime in the next few weeks 🙂

– Russ

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