Junari is excited to announce our May 2021 Product release. This one has some great new functionality across Carrier Integration, EDI, Recruitment and eCommerce, along with numerous UI and UX improvements.

Shipping Carrier Integration Enhancements

  • Consignments summary screen to view, cancel consignments
  • Ability to configure a static rate if carrier doesn’t provide rates
  • Better handling of ShipEngine failures
  • Labels download and display instantly

New EDI Functionality

  • Ability to transfer Sales Orders in BASDA XML and Odoo CSV format
  • Manually trigger EDI Scheduler on demand

Recruitment Module

  • Enhancements to Frontend + Backend
  • Jobs listing (Filters + Search)
  • Job applications
  • General Portal enhancements (Functionallity + Themes)
  • Sign Up Screen
  • User Details Screens

Ecommerce Enhancements

  • Wishlist Item Reporting
  • Customer Details Update Tracking

Barcode Scanning Enhancements

  • More Validation Checks

Smaller Enhancements

  • Header for lists now stays in place
  • Project Enhancements
  • Configuration Enhancements
  • Automated Actions Configuration
  • Bug Fixes

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