Junari is excited to announce our March 2021 Product release

This is a HUGE release with some major new features and enhancements that will be rolling out into our live environment over the next few days.

Release Highlights

  • Microsoft Word Templates for MailMerge from any CRM record + Convert to PDF
  • Custom Fields for Companies/Contacts, Products, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders, with more entities coming soon!
  • Multiple Quote Versions function now generally available for all customers
  • Barcode Scanning support for inbound and outbound stock moves
  • New Customer Service Tickets module
  • Shipping Integration with UPS, ParcelForce, DPD, FedEx (UK) and others
  • Purchase Planning tool (use prior sales history to plan product purchases)
  • New Email module for handling inbound emails (beta)
  • New Membership Management module
  • Xero Integration now Generally Available

Smaller features

  • Marketing tab (mailing lists, marketing preferences)
  • Publish “Wikis” via your customer portal (and restrict them to groups of customers)
  • “Contacts Plus” module with additional fields such as SIC Code and Turnover
  • Unified Apps and Settings area
  • Purchase RFQ Rejection functionality
  • Supplier Invoice Dispute functionality
  • Customer- and Supplier-specific product codes for PO and SO
  • Improved Keyboard Navigation, input highlighting and support for audible warnings
  • New “Sales Order Types” feature for classifying orders (e.g. limiting available products)
  • Auto-generated customer account codes
  • Enhanced eCommerce functions
  • Improved “Boxes” function for stock (replaces Odoo “packaging” module)
  • A vast number of usability enhancements to standard Odoo modules

If you have any questions about this release do not hesitate to contact us 🙂

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