Welcome to Junari’s Referral Programme:

your opportunity to recommend business software that you trust, to the businesses who trust you!

    Application steps:

    1. Read the below carefully, and get in touch if you have any questions.
    2. Follow the Application Process below, and await acceptance.
    3. Arrange a remote intro call with Junari using the link here.  This will include a demonstration of Junari’s software, and is our opportunity to evidence to you that we can add value to your customers.  We request that you schedule this with at least 2 working days’ notice, so that we can tailor our demo if required based on the industries and/or specialities which you focus on.
    4. Send us details of valid leads, as per Terms and Conditions.
    5. Get paid as per Terms and Conditions.

    Application Process:

    Email ceo@junari.com with the following details:

    1. An email subject of “Junari Referral Programme Application”
    2. Your full name.
    3. Your email address.
    4. Your preferred contact number.
    5. Your preferred method of payment, and whether you’ll be adding VAT to your invoices.
    6. The industries and range of size of businesses you expect to refer, so that we can tailor your demo if required.
    7. Anything else you’d like to ask us or tell us.

    Note that your application will be considered acceptance of this arrangements T&Cs.

    Terms and Conditions

    • We will pay you £400 +VAT for every valid sale valid for commission.  A sale valid for commission is considered as per all following points in this section:
    • – one arising from a referral you have made once the customer has paid at least £5,000 (exc. VAT).
    • – where the business is not referred to or linked to on our website, including those mentioned in Case Studies.
    • – where the referral is contacted directly by you, and (where the referral has been made in writing), we have been CC’d or BCC’d.
    • – the customer has reached £5,000 spend within 1 year of you registering them with us.
    • – you have an established connection with the referral.  Businesses which you have not had contact with are excluded from this arrangement

    Further information
    • Junari are an accredited Odoo partner, with many decades of combined experience delivering complex ERP systems.
    • Our project approaches and corresponding pricing options can be found here.
    • Our Agile Projects typically range between a total value of £35,000 and £100,000 and take between 4 and 12 months, payable monthly based on the agreed pace of the project.
    • Prior to our project starting, our customer will incur a monthly fee directly to Odoo for their software subscription.
    • Customers will need to specific that Junari are their Odoo partner, which we guide through during their Odoo subscription setup.
    • Once a customer’s system has gone live (typically after final data import), they will incur a monthly retainer fee directly to Junari for user and technical support.