Ambitious custom clothing company lays solid growth foundation...

MongrelCroc Clothing Ltd is a Suffolk based custom clothing company that specialises in supplying membership-clubs (such as rowing clubs, rugby clubs etc.) and the collegiate and university networks in the UK. Offering the complete range of in house garment printing and embroidery services on anything from bath robes, beanie hats and Hoodies to High Vis, Polos and sports kit.

MongrelCroc sets its self apart from its competitors by offering free bespoke design, ensuring clients receive a unique product tailored to their specification. Backed up by a customer first, flexible approach to business and a 95% customer retention rate they have grown considerably during their formative years. Following successful application to one of Europe’s largest crowdfunding platforms, and the successful completion of a round of funding they have expanded dramatically in 2014, launching another revenue stream aimed at corporate clients with their website

With this business success came the associated need for investment in infrastructure and operational capabilities and a desire to find a customer database and operational workflow system that are of a robust and scalable quality.

Ben Benton, Owner & Co-Founder takes up the story:

“With such a bespoke product offering we had struggled to identify a suitable CRM product that could do all of the stuff we need to do with the multi-iterative manufacturing and sales order process we run. The design side of the business is really where we win or lose custom and so we needed a CRM that could help us conduct this complex and detailed work package for each client as if they were the only client we had, whilst also being able to see the whole pre-sales through manufacturing and supply workflow ”.

“With JunariCRM+ in place I can finally see how I am going to grow my business without having to kill myself doing it!”

A key part of MongrelCroc’s wishes was to maintain the high-quality of delivery that they had been achieving, but which growth-pressures were threatening. In particular it was necessary for the new system to have a specific audit trail of order communication, versioning of order options and clear client-sign-off stages. The company deals with the reality that one little typo or misspell can see multiple, sometimes in the hundreds, of clothing items having to be discarded with the obvious impact on the company’s profitability if this occurred.

As Ben says “… we wanted to ditch the effort incurred when errors happen around rework, wastage of stock and of course the obvious danger of damaging customer satisfaction and the threat to our business growth that that would signal. So it was time to invest in serious software and stop playing around with the off-the-shelf stuff that couldn’t deliver to our needs ”.

Since going live with JunariCRM+ the team at MongrelCroc have been through their busiest period of the year – with the return of the colleges and universities after their summer break and their “fresher” intake who all need new club merchandise! Order volumes have grown by approximately 56% and JunariCRM+ has operated with no issues or problems.

Business Objectives:

  • Reduce risk within the product manufacturing value-chain and consolidate delivery quality standards.
  • Increase visibility across key-personnel of client-order status and progress and enable efficiency and productivity gains across whole team.
  • Provide tailored process integration from pre-sales through to invoicing and finance to reduce process bottle-necks, ensure precise audit trails and minimise errors.

“ The team have been able to get on with processing orders with relative ease, we’ve had far less errors on orders and therefore much less wastage and costs. We’re really pleased with how the system has bedded in and the support we’ve had from the Junari team. It really is a quality system for an exceptionally reasonable price point given the powerful functionality it has ”

Could your business do with a solid systems foundation from which you can launch your business growth?

Fed-up with “off-the-shelf” systems failing to live up to their promises? Fancy dealing with a CRM company that really listens & truly aims to match your business?

Get in touch and we can chat about the things that are causing you business pain and how CRM+ could help your business to cut costs & grow.
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