“A meeting of minds, business values & potent CRM software”

The team at Pro-actions Business Improvement describe themselves as ‘proactive, committed, positive people who constantly strive to live with balance, integrity and honesty’. That alone makes them a perfect match for JunariCRM+, but add to this the fact that the reason they are in business is to help businesses be successful and achieve their full potential and you have a powerful combination made, may we suggest, in business paradise!

The foundation stone is laid…

All businesses, no matter what industry sector or size of operation run better if they know their simple “truths”. Operating without timely and accurate business management information might be a thrilling “seat of the pants” experience for some! But if you want to build a resilient and robust business that will stick around for a good long while then you need to have the truth at your fingertips and be able to interpret the patterns that are shown and adapt quickly to circumstances.

Pro-actions are passionate about bringing the power of business-truths to their client-base and recognise the need for their own business to be equipped with a suitably powerful and extensible CRM system that will scale with their ambitious business plans.

“It was time to get serious with our CRM infrastructure – you can only expect to get so far in spreadsheet heaven…!” Andy Linnet, CEO

Andy takes up the story “ We were keenly aware that the next phase of our growth would need our data tracking to be of the very highest calibre, as business is ENTIRELY run and developed by knowing what your measures are telling you and improving the numbers accordingly ”.

“ We could see that it was time to invest into a system that would allow, indeed enable us to meet our growth plans and targets.”

Business Objectives...

  • Accurate reporting with collaborative features for better customer service delivery and fast identification of any sales process deltas.
  • Efficient and timely resource planning to optimise resource potential and reduce bottom line costs.
  • Full process integration from pre-sales through to invoicing and finance to reduce process bottle-necks, ensure precise audit trails and minimise errors.

Made to fit…Built with care…

A key tenet of the JunariCRM+ product is that it is totally tailorable to meet a client’s business processes and requirements – we see no benefit in forcing customers to throw away their carefully crafted unique processes or service value-points just so that they can fit in with an off-the-shelf software package and in doing so reduce their market advantage to that of their competitors who are perhaps using the same system!

As Andy told us “ knowing much about these types of CRM systems, I wanted one that I knew could be moulded around my business needs and not require me to “shoe horn” my business into the system. I also wanted a local company that I felt cared about my business need – not just their own business targets”

“ It involved a fair amount of research – an investment of our time that was utterly worthwhile as I take the quality of suppliers to the Pro-actions business as seriously as I take the quality of our business improvement specialists! –Junari stood out by a country mile in meeting these demands and much, much more. You only have to look at their team, their backgrounds and feel their solid values to know that selecting JunariCRM+ is the right move for Pro-actions. ”

Getting it right….

Making a decision to invest in business-critical CRM software is always a big deal. Many of our customers have suffered from off-the-shelf software stress or bespoke software project nightmares before they find safety with the Junari team! Pro-actions recognised the importance in transitioning to a CRM system that would be made to fit their business processes from day one. Both teams have worked closely with one another to understand the business requirements in detail so that the JunariCRM+ system can be tailored accordingly and that the business case for the business investment is clear and traceable.

This is serious work, but as Andy comments “ The Junari team have been lovely to work with; understanding of our perspectives, professional, fun & positive ”

Building for the future….

Multiple studies have shown that businesses with quality management information systems in place – such as a CRM – are far more likely to be valued at a higher worth than equivalent businesses with erratic and piecemeal management information. The value-proposition of being able to prove your business’s goodwill and demonstrate the inner workings of how this goodwill translates into profit is considerable! And this is above and beyond the more direct value of knowing on a real-time basis and daily cycle of where your business is and where your management effort should be getting directed to be most effective. Business owners wanting to build legacy and value into their companies should take note of Andy and the Pro-actions team’s advice “… one of the biggest influences the Pro-actions Business Improvement Specialists can have within our own clients’ businesses is to bring a valid version of the truth to their table – and that is what the JunariCRM+ product will be doing for us. I’d recommend that every business owner think seriously about the data goodwill their company is sitting upon and the ultimate impact on business exit values too .” If you’ve got to the point in your business when you’re fed up with data-dilemmas and tortuous-truth-trails and like the idea of knowing exactly what’s going on in your business for once and all, then may we suggest you drop us an email and have a quick chat with us. If you want to read a few more case studies first though then head back to them here and reassure yourself some more.
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