This is the first in a series of articles focussing on new features the Junari Development Team have been working on for our customers.

Odoo has a great Email Marketing function, but out-of-the-box there is one huge missing feature – the ability to add existing Contacts from your CRM database into a static mailing list (yeah, this surprised us too!)

With our latest product release, Junari customers now benefit from the following new functions:

Add Filtered Contacts to a Static Mailing List

You can now create any filter in the Contacts area of the system and add matching contacts to a mailing list.

Junari CRM Software Developers

Junari CRM Software Developers

Change Individual Contact Mailing List subscriptions

On the Marketing tab of contacts (which will be covered in a future article!), you can now add and remove your contacts from mailing lists individually:

Junari CRM Software Developers

On The Roadmap…

Now we have this functionality on contacts, we’re only one step away from enabling your Customer Portal users to be able to see a list of mailing lists they are subscribed to and easily updating their subscriptions via their “My Account” area.

Speak to us about sponsoring this feature if it is something you are particularly keen on!

– Russ

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