Associations of Local Councils

Quick Links

Quick Links

System Overview

  • Not just a website builder or a ticketing system, this is online software specifically designed for ALCs
  • Helps manage efficient running of your organisation by easing many administrative duties
  • Provides member councils with online access to many of the services you provide them with
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Website builder

  • Easily customise your website using a built-in website builder
  • Add new pages with a few clicks, insert them into menus and submenus
  • View website analytics and data
  • Notes:
    • At this time, JAMS does not have a site-wide search – but does allow users to search Knowledgebase artcles you publish, and to search any of their organisation’s enquiries which are available to them (i.e. aren’t confidential).  This feature may be added in 2024.
    • One day of implementation is included in your up-front investment so long as specified prior to or during implementation. 

      If you decide not to take the JAMS website as part of your initial implementation, there will be a fee to cover any time from Junari thereafter to help with implementation (inc. training).

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Portal For Member Councils

  • Portal for member council clerks and chairpeople to view and update their details
  • Grant access to selected areas of your knowledgebase
  • Allow member councils to log and track enquiries
  • Configure your portal with new sections, each with a custom title, custom link, and custom image
  • View newsfeeds, webinars and training courses
  • And more!
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Document Templates

  • Add even more value to your member councils by providing them with templates to download – with their own details automatically inserted, e.g. logo, organisation name etc.
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Managing Contacts

  • Easily add, edit and find details for individuals and organisations
  • Quickly filter by individuals or organisations, membership status, whether they’ve been granted portal access and other custom filters
  • See their inquiries and purchase history
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Managing Memberships

  • Create, edit, cancel, renew, and easily find membership details for each of your member councils
  • Track fees, payment status, and which of your services they use
  • Set membership start and end dates
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Powerful Knowledgebase

  • Use the Knowledgebase to manage your ALC’s internal processes
  • Choose which categories of knowledgebase articles you want members to be able to access via the portal
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Event Management

  • Create events, publish them to your website, decide whether they’re free or billable, take online ticket purchases, set up automatic emails to send before, during, and after the event
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  • Create and share surveys
  • View collated results to enable the best possible decision making

Mailing lists

  • Email Templates
  • Mailshots / Mass Emailing
  • Email Tracking: sent, delivered, bounced, clicked, opened, replied
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Employee Management (HR)

  • Built-in, integrated HR features, linking your Junari system users to Employee records
  • Store critical employee details
  • Set working hours and manage booking time off / approvals
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Project Management

  • Manage multiple projects
  • Easily add project “stages” to monitor progress, e.g. To Do, In Progress, Complete
  • Create and delegate tasks
  • Easily find, filter, and group tasks
  • Pin tasks to your dashboard, to quickly see what’s outstanding for you, your team, or everyone


  • Create and sell your own eLearning courses
  • Each eLearning course consists of Sections, Content (text, PDF, embedded videos etc.), and Certifications
  • Restrict access to portal users only
  • See who’s attended and finished your course

Easy to learn

  • The Junari for ALCs system has a lot of features, so our subscriptions include access to a series of knowledgebase articles consisting of:
  • …simple user guides for common activities
  • …”Training Paths” for users to learn how the system fits together
  • …more advanced “Admin Training Paths” for administrators to learn how to configure the system
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Development Driven by you

  • JAMS users can log feature requests for the system
  • Attend Steering Group meetings with other ALCs (organised by the ALCs) to influence what you’d like to see in the system