Jeeves for Virtual Assistants

Quick Links

Quick Links

Everything in one place

  • Not just another CRM, sales tool, or website builder, Jeeves is online software specifically designed for Virtual Assistants
  • Helps manage efficient running of your work by easing many administrative duties
  • Provides your customers, and your customers’ customers with online access to many of the services you provide them with

Website builder

  • Easily customise your website using a built-in website builder that’s even easier than WordPress
  • Add new pages with a few clicks, insert them into menus and submenus

Portal For Your Customers, and Their Customers

  • Portal for your customers, and your customers’ customers to view and update their details
  • Grant access to selected areas of your knowledgebase
  • Allow your customers, and customers’ customers to log and track enquiries
  • Configure your portal with new sections, each with a custom title, custom link, and custom image

Templates for You, your Customers, and your Customers’ Customers to Generate Documents from

  • Add even more value to your customers by providing them with templates to download – with their own details automatically inserted, e.g. logo, organisation name etc.

Managing Organisations And People

  • Easily add, edit and find details for companies and people, customers and suppliers in one place
  • Quickly filter by individuals or organisations, whether they’ve been granted portal access, and much more
  • Save your searches, pin custom results to your personal dashboard, export to Excel

Managing Memberships

  • Create, edit, cancel, renew, and easily find membership details
  • Track fees, payment status, and which of your services they use

Powerful Knowledgebase

  • Use the Knowledgebase to manage your internal processes, and the processes of your customers
  • Choose which categories of knowledgebase articles you want customers to be able to access via the portal

Event Management

  • Create events, publish them to your website, decide whether they’re free or billable, take online ticket purchases, set up automatic emails to send before, during, and after the event


  • Create and share surveys
  • View collated results to enable the best possible decision making

Marketing and Communication tools

  • Email Templates
  • Mailshots / Mass Emailing
  • Email Tracking: sent, delivered, bounced, clicked, opened, replied

Employee Management (HR)

  • Built-in, integrated HR features, linking your VA colleagues user logins to their Employee records
  • Store critical employee details
  • Set working hours and manage booking time off / approvals

Project Management

  • Manage multiple projects
  • Easily add project “stages” to monitor progress, e.g. To Do, In Progress, Complete
  • Create and delegate tasks
  • Easily find, filter, and group tasks
  • Pin tasks to your dashboard, to quickly see what’s outstanding for you, your team, or everyone


  • Create and sell your own eLearning courses
  • Each eLearning course consists of Sections, Content (text, PDF, embedded videos etc.), and Certifications
  • Restrict access to portal users only
  • See who’s attended and finished your course

Easy to learn

  • Jeeves has a lot of features, so our subscriptions include access to a series of knowledgebase articles consisting of:
  • …simple user guides for common activities
  • …”Training Paths” for users to learn how the system fits together
  • …more advanced “Admin Training Paths” for administrators to learn how to configure the system

Development Driven by you

  • All Jeeves subscribers have the opportunity to log feature requests for the system
  • Browse everyone’s requests, and vote on the features you want most
  • Join Steering Groups to help us develop what’s most useful to you