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Stowmarket Relief Trust (SRT) is a small but vital charity that has been in existence since 1523; when King Henry VIII was on the throne!

The charity is dedicated to providing Grants to people who are in need and who are resident in Stowmarket and the Parishes adjoining the town including Old Newton with Dagworth in Suffolk. We were delighted to be contacted by SRT and to have the chance to assist them to organise and manage their operations, implementing our JunariCRM+ software in a matter of weeks. The charity sector is an important target market for Junari. We believe that the small to medium sized charities are poorly served by most CRM software companies and have developed our JunariCRM+ software to be a great value, powerful and erudite solution more than capable to meet the challenges that this sector faces. Philippa Richardson, Clerk to the Trustees, eloquently describes how JunariCRM+ has assisted the charity:

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“Stowmarket Relief Trust is a nearly 500-year-old charity that is still relevant in the 21st century. Unfortunately, behind the scenes, its record keeping was more 19th century. The Trustees realised something had to be done, especially to become compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulations.”

“The SRT Trustees chose Junari because they are a small British company not a giant, faceless American corporation. Junari’s small size makes it more flexible and responsive to our requirements. We have found it a pleasure working with the Junari team. They are efficient, friendly and always ready to listen. No question is too small or insignificant. Junari has customised its CRM to meet our needs rather than the Trust having to radically change its working practices.”

As clerk to the Trustees and the only employee of the Trust, I don’t have any work colleagues to bounce ideas off or to troubleshoot with. I haven’t found this a problem with using JunariCRM+. It is an incredibly sophisticated tool but very simple to use. It is intuitive and I can see at a glance the active caseload. I can also see what is pending with individual grants rather than trawling through spreadsheets and endless paperwork. The best bit is the reporting; it is so powerful. When I record data in the CRM I can report on it in just about any combination. If I get stuck on how use part of the system then Junari is ready to help. In fact, I don’t feel like a lone worker any more with the Junari team just a phone call away!”

A CRM tailored to fit your organisation

“As to the question of whether their CRM could be improved, I find Junari are always listening to their customers and are ready to adapt and customise the system. They are happy to find solutions to ensure that the system works efficiently for every customer.”

Could your organisation do with some strong CRM systems foundations? Fancy dealing with a CRM company that really listens and builds a CRM to match your business? Get in touch with us – as Philippa says, it might be your best move yet!….

If you’ve got to the point in your organisation when you’re fed up with data-dilemmas and tortuous-truth-trails and like the idea of knowing exactly what’s going on in your organisation for once and all, then may we suggest you drop us an email and have a quick chat with us.

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