“We now have a system that can grow alongside the business”

Business growth = nice problem to have?

Klub Group Ltd is a UK based company operating in the youth travel sector. The company provides a global-range of programmes and packages, which focus primarily on education, adventure and sports. The company has operations in the UK, Germany and USA and trades under brands “Klub Group Adventure” and “Xplore”.

As the company approaches its 30 th year in this sector, and principally because of the considerable market-evolution the company has experienced over the last five years, there was a growing realisation that in order to ensure the recent magnitude of growth was sustainable, while maintaining the quality of service, it would be necessary to implement a single, central system. A system that would be capable of managing all customer data for the whole company, irrespective of where the company’s operations were based.

With processes being constrained and a palpable feeling that the business was beginning to strain against its pre-existing system ‘leashes’ it was time to act.

Ben Sinclair, Sales & Marketing Director commented: “we’ve more than doubled our products in the Youth Travel and Education sectors, with offices and operations in 6 locations across 3 continents from a starting point of just one office in the UK! This growth in business and the volume of customers from all over the world together with our own worldwide operational spread was what drove me to search for a suitable enterprise-capable CRM system” .

“ We were running different systems for each product and whilst these systems worked on their own to their own specialised requirements, there was limited visibility for the management team to tap into – as well as gaps in efficiency and an inability to cross sell our products across the various consumer markets we work with .”

Ben and the senior team at Klub Group wanted to be sure that the data they were basing critical growth and operational decisions upon was correct, that it would be attainable and timely and that they would be able to quickly analyse and interpret data patterns.

Ben continues “as the business has grown the need for reliable and up to date sales, marketing and financial reports is far more important and necessary for the business to sustain itself and be successful. A CRM that handles the whole lifecycle of sales and marketing activity but also communicates with our Operations department will improve the continuity in delivery of our products and keep our quality of delivery standards intact and high!”

“ It was clear that we needed an all-encompassing CRM that provided solutions across all of our products and offices. Having tried and had less-than-successful-outcomes of building bespoke I decided to go in search for a CRM solution specialist.”

  • Significant business growth and success showed up the weaknesses in existing systems
  • Inability to co-ordinate data across all business areas leading to inefficiencies and risk of quality dropping
  • Lack of whole-business visibility meant management team sometimes missed out on valuable cross-sell opportunities.
  • Eroding trust in the data that existing systems provided began to endanger the sustainability of the company’s success

Burned by bespoke, longing for local…

Ben willingly admits that they attempted to create bespoke systems, speaking with multiple web/marketing specialists and agencies in order to specify business objectives and system requirements. But, having kicked-off projects to build these commissioned systems they had, for various reasons, failed to live up to expectations and were not delivering the business benefits that the business cases were based upon.

So it was not without a sense of trepidation that Ben came to speak with the team at Junari.

“ I had decided that I did not want the drama and expense of trying to build another bespoke system and that I should seek out a CRM specialist. It was important to me that the final supplier would be UK based; so that I could maintain control of features and functionality and if and when required have the ability to speak directly to the guys involved in product-strategy-direction. That’s not something I could do with the USA owned CRM products! As Junari are a wholly UK based team this was a massive reassurance to me and the Klub Group team”.

Safe hands and careful approach…

After a period of rigorous supplier selection – whereby a solution was proposed and project phasing detailed such that both parties clearly understood the scope and remit of the project and how each segment would be managed and communicated – the project kicked off.

At the time of publication the project has lasted approximately 6 months so far and has involved 5 deliveries of specified modular areas – a deliberate method of rapid iteration of functionality pieces in order to increase confidence and reduce rework.

Ben continues: “What has impressed me about Junari has been their approach to the whole project. They have been determined to understand what it is we do as a business and what we actually need before working on the solution” .

“ The scoping process is impressive; in the past we have had to provide all the information up front, everything would then go quiet whilst the ‘system’ was built and then all of a sudden it’d be handed back to us with very little consultation in the middle and very little flex if something had been built badly or misunderstood !”

“ I like Junari as they don’t necessarily do what it is we think we need, but take what we need the business to do and provide a suitable system solution accordingly – telling us about this as we move along. This has led to the JunariCRM+ system performing what we need it to do but in a more efficient and logical way . They are a breath of fresh air!”

“ I’ve worked closely with the Junari team to get the project off the ground and with this foundation in place, I have been able to let my team run with it from there. I have regular meetings and additional get-togethers at certain decision points so that I am always aware of the systems’ direction and progress. The whole team at Junari have been excellent and very accommodating in providing solutions and advice throughout .

“ When something is asked of Junari, which they feel isn’t in the best interests of us then they will say so – I like the honesty! Plus Junari are the CRM experts and I have confidence and trust in what they do”

“The project has been hard work and we will all have collected a few more grey hairs! But the relationship between Klub Group and Junari is a happy, honest and open one that I am very comfortable with”

It has been a massive financial undertaking for our business – but I feel that I am getting value for money and a lot of that is down to the service levels from Junari.”

Benefits of working with Junari:

  • Careful considered approach to ensure requirements are understood and delivered
  • Honest and upfront method to drive out best solution for all
  • In it for the long-term and prepared to put in the effort to support that is needed
  • A partnership approach underpinned by excellent service levels
  • Experts in their field and generous with knowledge
  • A quality of technical-approach that delivers the robust and user-friendly JunariCRM+ ®
  • Excellent value for money!

….and there’s more!

The project with Klub Group is still ongoing; with further plans to extend the JunariCRM+ system so that it manages all of the Klub Group products. This will be a carefully considered and thorough process to ensure that Klub Group gains valuable business return in the areas where it is possible to deliver compelling system improvement – an approach that will see the team at Junari continue to work closely with Ben and his team and occasionally have a collective comparison of the volume of grey-hair earned versus the value of business benefits accruing! The last word goes to Ben: “…we now have a system that can grow alongside the business ”.

Thank you Ben. It is a pleasure working with you and your team and we look forward to many more years of doing so!

If you’ve got to the point in your business when you’re fed up with data-dilemmas and tortuous-truth-trails and like the idea of knowing exactly what’s going on in your business for once and all, then may we suggest you drop us an email and have a quick chat with us.

If you want to read a few more case studies first though then head back to them here and reassure yourself some more.

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