What is agile?

Junari uses the well-established agile approach: a project management method for developing Odoo systems in short cycles, known as ‘sprints.’ Unlike the traditional ‘waterfall’ method used in software development, in which requirements are defined in advance and the final product delivered at all once (often after a significant wait), the agile process is iterative and change-driven. This means we can adapt to meet new priorities and requirements as they arise, so instead of signing on the dotted line and waiting in the dark for an outcome, you get to be hands-on with updates as they are developed.

At Junari we use this simple but effective approach towards our systems implementation, ensuring your Odoo system is tailored to meet your requirements as they emerge. Our process helps you control costs and gives you early access to working software. Regular releases, feedback and testing give you the chance to provide input at every stage.

With agile, you are in control.

1. Pre-Project

2. Project Kick-off

3. Fact Finding

Junari communicates with the relevant stakeholders to determine and prioritise the key, high-level requirements for your new Odoo system in order to create a list of tasks required within each theme of requirements (known as “Epics”), and subsequently assign each to the most appropriate Sprint.

4. Sprints

5. Software Releases

6. Support & Maintenance

Junari provides user support and product updates as part of your monthly subscription. Junari tracks core changes to Odoo (i.e. those made by Odoo) and includes such software changes in the Junari base solution when those changes have been proven in production environments.

You’ll be able to provide feedback via our Helpdesk Portal, by calling us, or by directly emailing our support team.

7. Further Enhancements

Junari will be available to discuss further enhancements as required by you or suggested by us.